The Mission & History of Rosary Army

Founded in 2003 during the Year of the Rosary, Rosary Army is a 501(c)3 non-profit Catholic organization dedicated to making, praying, and giving away all-twine knotted Rosaries and teaching others to do the same.

Our prayer is that the Rosary becomes part of your life and that you, too, will learn how to make, pray, and give away these Rosaries to others.

Check out Rosary Army and learn how become a part of their mission: Make Them. Pray Them. Give Them Away. #RosaryArmy

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Since our founding, thousands of free, all-twine, knotted Rosaries have been distributed around the world to anyone who requests one from our website. 

Rosary Army Rosaries have been sent to all fifty of the United States as well as countless countries around the globe. Rosary Army soldiers exist in multiple countries and actively live out Rosary Army's motto of Make Them, Pray Them, Give Them Away.

But Rosary Army has become more than just a source for information about Rosaries. In addition to this core of our mission, Rosary Army has spread out into media production and other areas to help spread the Catholic faith far and wide.

In addition to making, praying, and giving away all-twine knotted Rosaries, Rosary Army is also:

  • A community of thousands of Rosary Army "Soldiers" who help Rosary Army in a variety of ways, participate in our Rosary Army forums, and are active through the myriad of online places where Rosary Army can be found, such as Facebook, Twitter, uStream, and elsewhere.

  • A production group that co-produces the amazingly popular That Catholic Show video series (Rosary Army's founders host and direct the series).

  • A podcast studio responsible for the award-winning Rosary Army Catholic Podcast, as well as podcasts dedicated to growing your Catholic faith, praying the Rosary, and Consecration to Jesus Through Mary. Check out our podcast section of this website for more info on these great free programs.

  • A dynamic website filled to the brim with great Catholic content to enrich your daily spiritual walk to God.
  • Rosary Army wants you to get involved. Through our Rosary-making workshops, online videos and instructions, thousands of people just like you have become Rosary Army "Soldiers" after learning how easy it is to make these types of Rosaries to freely give away to others.

    Our primary goal is to remove every obstacle a person may have to praying the Rosary, including giving them a free Rosary of their own. Through the Rosary, we've seen people's faith renewed, conversions to Catholicism from paganism and atheism, and a bounty of other fruits from this vineyard in which we work for God.

    It is the goal of to collect and distribute thousands of Rosaries a year while also producing podcasts, audio and video programs, and reaching out to the Churched and un-Churched. This takes time, initiative, and donations (both of knotted Rosaries and financial support) from generous sponsors.

    We invite you to get involved. Become a Rosary Army Soldier and make a difference in this world for Christ through His Mother.